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01/18/09What Is It To Live As A True Believer? SermonEnglish
01/18/09What Did Not Everyone Believe? SermonEnglish
01/25/09The World Is Divided Between Givers And Takers SermonEnglish
02/01/09Is Suffering Always Associated With God's Punishment? SermonEnglish
02/01/09A Life of Service SS: College + BeyondEnglish
02/04/09The Four Soils - Part I (Devoured on the Wayside) SS: College + BeyondEnglish
02/07/09The Aaronic Priesthood Servants MeetingEnglish
02/08/09The Big Picture Servants MeetingEnglish
02/08/09Circumcision Servants MeetingEnglish
02/08/09What Are The Signs Of True Repentance? SermonEnglish
02/11/09The Four Soils Part 2- Stony Ground SS: College + BeyondEnglish
02/15/09In Which Way Ought We To Cleave To The Church Of God SermonEnglish
02/19/09Parable of the Sower Part III: Thorny Ground SS: College + BeyondEnglish
02/20/09Distribution Hymn – Great Fast Weekdays - PiMairomi Hymn ClassCoptic
02/22/09What Kind Of Fasting Receives A Reward? SermonEnglish