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02/24/09Parable of the Sower Part IV: The Good Ground SS: College + BeyondEnglish
02/28/09Judgment of the Faithless and Blessings of the Kingdom Servants MeetingEnglish
03/01/09What Are Some Of The Signs Which Demonstrate That I Trust That God Will Take Care Of Me? SermonEnglish
03/06/09MCP Elementary Registration Packet Youth CenterEnglish
03/08/09Why Did The Lord Start His Ministry By Fasting? SermonEnglish
03/09/09MCP Presentation (Feb 22, 2009) Youth CenterEnglish
03/09/09MCP Presentation (Mar 8, 2009) Youth CenterEnglish
03/11/09Excitement of Routine SS: College + BeyondEnglish
03/11/09Character of Integrity SS: College + BeyondEnglish
03/12/09College/Graduate MCP Registration Packet Youth CenterEnglish
03/14/09Distribution Hymn – Great Fast Sundays - O Nishti Hymn ClassCoptic
03/15/09Is It Okay To Go Astray For Some Time SermonEnglish
03/17/09HS/MS Boys MCP Registration Packet Youth CenterEnglish
03/17/09HS/MS Girls MCP Registration Packet Youth CenterEnglish
03/22/09sexual immorality SermonEnglish