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04/21/09How Can We Describe God’s Love Towards Us SermonEnglish
05/08/09The Open Heaven (Revelation 4) Servants MeetingEnglish
05/09/09MCP Camper Registration Form Youth CenterEnglish
05/09/09First-time MCP Camper Registration Packet Youth CenterEnglish
05/10/09Things To Remember About The Knowledge Of God SermonEnglish
05/12/09Being Orthodox Part I: Commitment to Christ SS: College + BeyondEnglish
05/17/09What Are The Common Powers That Can Blind The Eyes Of Man SermonEnglish
05/24/09Why Do Christians Stumble In The Way SermonEnglish
05/25/09Elem/MS/HS MCP Schedule Youth CenterEnglish
05/27/09June 2009 CYC Activity Calendar Youth CenterEnglish
05/31/09What Are The Different Kinds Of Good Sorrow SermonEnglish
05/31/09Family Constellation and Birth Order Servants MeetingEnglish
06/03/09Being Orthodox Part IV: Evangelism SS: College + BeyondEnglish
06/14/09How Did The Lord Teach His Disciples To Pray? SermonEnglish
06/15/09Bible Contest: Ezra (Arabic) Bible ContestArabic