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07/19/09Bible Contest: Malachi (Arabic) Bible ContestArabic
07/24/09Challenges Of Parenting Today Family Ministry ProgramEnglish
07/26/09How Did The Good Shepherd Meet the Needs of Everyone Of His Flock? SermonEnglish
08/01/09Church Canons: Sources of Church Canons Servants MeetingEnglish
08/01/09Church Canons: Ecclesiastical Judgments Servants MeetingEnglish
08/01/09CYC Activity Calendar - August 2009 Youth CenterEnglish
08/02/09The Lord Christ Raising Lazarus From The Dead SermonEnglish
08/16/09The Lord Calls Sinners To Repentance SermonEnglish
08/23/09How Jesus Dealt With The Scribes' And Pharisees' Confrontations SermonEnglish
08/29/09Church Canons: Prayers Servants MeetingEnglish
08/29/09Church Canons: Marriage 1 Servants MeetingEnglish
08/29/09Church Canons: Marriage 2 Servants MeetingEnglish
08/30/09The End Of The World SermonEnglish
08/31/09CYC Activity Calendar - September 2009 Youth CenterEnglish
09/01/09Church Sacrament: Unction of the Sick SS: College + BeyondEnglish