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10/31/17The Necessary Conditions of the Holy Zeal Servants MeetingEnglish
09/08/19The Need for Self-Control SermonEnglish
04/28/24The New Exodus SermonEnglish
11/27/16The Number One Enemy to our discipleship to the Lord: FEELINGS SermonEnglish
04/21/19The Offerings of the Priests and Kings SermonEnglish
05/08/09The Open Heaven (Revelation 4) Servants MeetingEnglish
12/10/09The Orthodox Belief Concerning The Baptism Bible StudyEnglish
01/22/07The Orthodox Church Servants MeetingEnglish
01/22/07The Orthodox Church II Servants MeetingEnglish
11/15/09The Parable Of The Sower SermonEnglish
11/14/10The Parable Of The Sower SermonEnglish
10/02/11The Path To Salvation SermonEnglish
04/23/22The Path to the Eighth Day SermonEnglish
03/27/16The Paths of sin and Repentance: Lessons from the Lost Son SermonEnglish
01/28/07The People of Nineveh: Model of Repentance SermonEnglish