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10/15/08Styles of Teaching Servants MeetingEnglish
10/13/08Tabernacle Part 3 Servants MeetingEnglish
10/13/08Tabernacle Part 2 Servants MeetingEnglish
10/13/08Tabernacle Part 1 Servants MeetingEnglish
10/12/08Who Should Be Called A Friend? SermonEnglish
10/05/08How Was The Woman's Faith A Living One? SermonEnglish
09/28/08Who Owns Your "Will"? SermonEnglish
09/21/08What Comes Between Us And The Love Of God? SermonEnglish
09/07/08How Should We Be Like Noah In This Ungodly Age? SermonEnglish
08/31/08How Should Our Belief Concerning The End of Time Shape Our Lives? SermonEnglish
08/24/08About The Devil SermonEnglish
08/17/08Three Necessary Steps To Experience The New Life SermonEnglish
08/10/08Lessons From The Parable Of Luke 20:13 SermonEnglish
08/03/08God Does Not Forget Us SermonEnglish
07/27/08How Did The Good Shepherd Tend To The Needs Of His Flock? SermonEnglish