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12/24/08The Virtue of Silence SS: College + BeyondEnglish
12/27/15The Visit of St. Mary to St. Elizabeth & The Path to Renewed Daily Energy SermonEnglish
01/03/16The Visitation of God, How does God visit His people? SermonEnglish
04/30/06The War of Doubts SermonEnglish
05/25/14The Way SermonEnglish
09/29/19The Way of the Cross SermonEnglish
11/21/10The Whole Armor of God Servants MeetingEnglish
02/24/08The Will of God SermonEnglish
04/10/11The Will To Learn SermonEnglish
01/06/18The Word became flesh SermonEnglish
01/08/23The Word: Begotten not Created SermonEnglish
01/25/09The World Is Divided Between Givers And Takers SermonEnglish
01/18/19Theophany SermonEnglish
05/10/09Things To Remember About The Knowledge Of God SermonEnglish
12/27/20Things to remember about the virtue of being "Responsible" SermonEnglish