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11/08/20Being Favored SermonEnglish
05/13/09Being Orthodox Part I: Commitment to Christ SS: College + BeyondEnglish
06/03/09Being Orthodox Part IV: Evangelism SS: College + BeyondEnglish
12/10/06Being Righteous Before God SermonEnglish
08/08/21Benefits of Rebuke SermonEnglish
09/19/21Between God's delight and ours! SermonEnglish
05/18/14Between The Light Of Contentment And The Darkness Of Greed SermonEnglish
05/03/13Between The Old And The New SermonMultilingual
07/12/11Bible Atlas SS: College + BeyondEnglish
10/17/10Bible Contest: Acts (Arabic) Bible ContestArabic
10/17/10Bible Contest: Acts (English) Bible ContestEnglish
10/09/17Bible Contest: Book of First Samuel (Arabic) Bible ContestArabic
05/09/10Bible Contest: Epistle of St. James (Arabic) Bible ContestArabic
10/22/16Bible Contest: Exodus (Arabic) Bible ContestArabic
06/15/09Bible Contest: Ezra (Arabic) Bible ContestArabic