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06/06/21The exclusive nature of the Truth and the danger of compromise!​ SermonEnglish
06/06/21Sunday School Schedule – 3rd Phase ScheduleEnglish
06/06/21Summer Festival Hymns: 2021 Hymn ClassCoptic
06/13/21Experiencing the Mysteries of God SermonEnglish
06/15/21Parousia-related Heresies Servants MeetingEnglish
06/15/21What is Heaven? Servants MeetingEnglish
07/04/21Doing Good, Hoping for Nothing SermonEnglish
07/11/21Are all sins the same?​ SermonEnglish
07/18/21Offenses​ SermonEnglish
08/01/21The "Miracle"… Significance and Limitations​ SermonEnglish
08/03/21St. Mary’s Fast – Revival Schedule 2021 ScheduleEnglish
08/08/21Benefits of Rebuke SermonEnglish
08/22/21Humility SermonEnglish
09/05/21The plague of the end of time: Cold hearts SermonEnglish
09/07/212021-2022 Organization Servants MeetingEnglish