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04/15/192019 Holy Pascha Schedule ScheduleEnglish
04/21/19The Offerings of the Priests and Kings SermonEnglish
04/26/19A Debtor or a Creditor? SermonEnglish
04/27/19Living the Resurrection SermonEnglish
05/05/19Defeating Despair, Part I SermonEnglish
05/12/19Defeating Despair, Part II SermonEnglish
05/19/19The Holy Spirit: The Living Water SermonEnglish
05/26/19Light in the Church and our Lives SermonEnglish
05/28/19Summer Festival 2019 Hymns Hymn ClassEnglish
06/02/19The Lord’s comforting words and promises SermonEnglish
06/09/19Why Ask? SermonEnglish
06/16/19God's graces that help us to judge ourselves SermonEnglish
06/23/19Unity in the Church and our Lives, Part I SermonEnglish
06/30/19For He is kind SermonEnglish
07/07/19Unity in the Church and in our Lives, Part II SermonEnglish