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07/24/22Stubbornness SermonEnglish
08/01/22St. Mary’s Fast Revival Schedule 2022 SermonEnglish
08/14/22Implications of the Lord Christ being the True Physician and we being His patients SermonEnglish
08/24/22Servants’ Retreat 2022 Servants MeetingEnglish
09/05/22Sunday School Organization 1739 Servants MeetingEnglish
09/11/22Service - My Teaching Servants MeetingEnglish
09/11/22Service - My Motives Servants MeetingEnglish
09/11/22Service - My Economy Servants MeetingEnglish
09/18/22Understanding the Will of God, Part I SermonEnglish
10/11/22Communications within the Family Servants MeetingEnglish
10/20/22The Church and Mental Health Servants MeetingEnglish
11/13/22God's Message SermonEnglish
11/27/22Religion: The Right and Wrong Pursuits SermonEnglish
12/05/22I know the commandments, but… SermonEnglish
12/18/22The blessedness of the peace of heart SermonEnglish