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11/04/18We ought to fear God SermonEnglish
10/14/18Good Friends SermonEnglish
10/07/18Simon, I have something to say to you SermonEnglish
10/06/186th Grade Hymns Presentation SS: 5th & 6th GrdEnglish
09/30/18A Saving Home SermonEnglish
09/16/18Test all Things, Part II SermonEnglish
09/09/18Test all Things, Part I SermonEnglish
09/02/18Heeding the greatest deceiver of man: His own heart SermonEnglish
08/19/18Things to remember about…"Seeing God" SermonEnglish
08/12/18Who is the faithful Christian? SermonEnglish
08/06/182018 St. Mary Revival Schedule ScheduleEnglish
08/05/18Genuine Humility SermonEnglish
07/29/18How is the Lord the Finisher? SermonEnglish
07/22/18To My Disciples: Lessons to the Disciples of the Lord Christ SermonEnglish
07/08/18Becoming an Agent of Peace SermonEnglish