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04/23/17Degrees of Faith in the Resurrection SermonEnglish
04/02/17Are the Works of God revealed in You? SermonEnglish
03/26/17Comforting a Distressed Heart SermonEnglish
03/19/17My Cross- What does it mean to bear my cross? SermonEnglish
03/05/17Materialism, Part II SermonEnglish
02/26/17Materialism, Part I SermonEnglish
02/19/17Bible Contest: Gospel of St. Mark (Arabic) Bible ContestArabic
02/12/17Making Perishable Food Everlasting SermonEnglish
02/05/17Ingredients for Spiritual Healing SermonEnglish
01/29/17Dealing with Divisive People SermonEnglish
01/22/17Controlling the Powerful Emotion of Anger, Part II SermonEnglish
01/15/17Controlling the Powerful Emotion of Anger, Part I SermonEnglish
12/31/16God the Gracious SermonEnglish
12/25/16What is Humility SermonEnglish
12/18/16In the Midst of the Fire SermonEnglish