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05/10/20The Satisfaction in the Lord Christ SermonEnglish
04/09/202020 Holy Pascha Schedule ScheduleEnglish
03/15/20Handling the burden of a lost child! SermonEnglish
03/08/20If you are a son of God SermonEnglish
03/01/20The Treasures of Giving SermonEnglish
02/23/20Principles of Almsgiving SermonEnglish
02/16/20Encountering God SermonEnglish
02/09/20Why Jonah? SermonEnglish
02/02/20Types of Baptisms in Scripture SermonEnglish
01/19/20Bearing Fruit Worthy of Repentance SermonEnglish
01/12/20The Importance of Biblical Prophecies SermonEnglish
01/06/20A Day of Offerings SermonEnglish
01/05/20Rejoicing with Others SermonEnglish
12/29/19Now Mary arose SermonEnglish
12/22/192020 New Year's Program ScheduleEnglish