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12/22/19Other Examples of Lives Summed up in a Verse SermonEnglish
12/15/19Lessons from a Godly Family SermonEnglish
12/08/19Our Need for Silence and Solitude SermonEnglish
12/01/19Distractions SermonEnglish
11/24/19Creating a Spiritual Environment SermonEnglish
11/17/19The Heart’s Response to God’s Word SermonEnglish
11/10/19Guarding the Senses, Part II SermonEnglish
11/03/19Guarding the Senses, Part I SermonEnglish
10/27/19The Kingdom of God has Come SermonEnglish
10/20/19Enjoying the Work of God SermonEnglish
10/13/19Loyalty to Family: Manifestations – Essentials - Blessings SermonEnglish
10/06/19Stumbling at Goodness? Reasons & Examples SermonEnglish
09/29/19The Way of the Cross SermonEnglish
09/23/19PreK Hymns Curriculum SS: Pre-KEnglish
09/22/19What shall I do to inherit eternal life? SermonEnglish